Our Focus

The principal focus of CBR’s clinical research program is to serve the health care industry through providers, CROs, pharmaceutical companies and other life science enterprises in support of observational/registry trials and Phase II through Phase IV clinical studies. The program’s uniqueness and attractiveness lies in offering distinct services to companies in need of clinical trial support. In addition to patient and physician access through multiple clinical trial oncology practices, CBR is capable of offering full site management services to health care providers, trial sponsors as well as clinical research organizations.

CBR can be best described as a multifunction clinical research site management organization that performs the administration, regulatory, and management functions of clinical trials in coordination with its clients to determine the safety, efficacy and clinical usefulness of treatment therapies, investigational stage pharmaceuticals and companion diagnostic tools.

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1400 Dowell Springs Blvd.,
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Research Office

1415 Old Weisgarber Road,
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