Sponsors and CROs

As an independent research site, we make the study a reality. Everything has been done to prepare for the trial or study, and now it is time to execute.  Provision Center for Biomedical Research offers many distinguishing benefits to our research partners:

  • Time: As an independent research site, we have no external committees; therefore, we offer quicker turnaround time for start-up and recruitment, which produces quicker results for more effective research outcomes.
  • Convenience: We offer centralized campus convenience to patients, physicians, diagnostic imaging, research partners, and our research team which increases patient recruitment and retention.
  • Champions: We secure physician champions in several specialties, including oncology, pulmonology, and neurology, who are passionate about research and recognized for their dedication to secure trials and enroll patients.
  • Performance Integrity: We offer a research partnership with integrity, which means our focus is on our performance to execute the study properly and meet enrollment requirements of the study versus a focus on our volume of active studies.
  • Experience: Our trained and experienced team strategically manages our resources to be successful in meeting critical performance metrics, such as managing patient’s schedules, meeting compliance requirements, monitoring and managing inventory, and capturing and entering data accurately and timely.
Sponsors CROs
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